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See, this is what I hate about the holidays. As much as I LOVE the holidays because of the glee, the snow, the cheer, the presents, the giving, the gatherings,… I always forget that I and my friends are such a minority. It seems so foreign and barbaric to me to actually go and cut down a tree, or to pick through a virtual graveyard of dying trees, decorate its dead body in your living room, and then, while it is bleeding saps and losing strength of needles, you laugh with families and friends and celebrate the season, and THEN you toss this dying thing because its life has been taken for a couple of weeks of your stupidity. I don’t know why this surprises me and makes me sad. I saw these trees tonight as I was walking Spyder. I took a few moments to thank and mourn all of the trees who died so that people could have a wire-and-light-bound beauty to stick boxes under.

And what about our lovely Rockefeller Center Tree? It’s all going to be mulch soon. It reminds me of that movie, BABE, wherein the little piggies were forced to make the damn movie and then killed afterwards. I think a unique and brilliant idea is to have Rockefeller Center host an artistic rendition of a Tree each year. One could sculpt, build, create a tree each year! I don’t know… it’s a suggestion.

Now why can’t people enjoy a kick-ass tree like ours!!?

FiberOptic Fantasy!

Now isn’t that nice…? Here’s our other fancy ass tree:


God knows what kind of hell came from creating these artificial trees, too…

Oh! And speaking of Body Bags…

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if you are interested in accompanying me and my gang to see this world premiere to help all of the amazing animals on this planet who suffer every day. Here are details:



Saturday, February 28

Lincoln Center – Alice Tully Hall

6 pm Reception / 7 pm Screening

Please join us as we debut Peaceable Kingdom at one of the nation’s most respected arts venues, Lincoln Center! The filmmakers and many of the documentary’s subjects will be attending and will answer audience questions after the screening.

General Admission: $25

Multiple Tickets (min. 5): $15

Premium Seating: $100

Lincoln Center’s

Alice Tully Hall is located on Broadway at 65th St. in Manhattan

for more information: TRIBE OF HEART


I really love this world we live in, and I think we are doing ok, if you ask me, but what an amazing planet of people we could be when our compassion extends beyond our own species. I imagine this kind of compassion couldn’t help but extend deeply into our own species, as well.

Ahhh, to dream….


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