Singing Fools & Green Love

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Last night we celebrated Don’s birthday by hanging out at Pieces and listening to/participating in AWFUL Karaoke hell. I will be posting pics tonight. Taren, Richie, Alex, Jeffrey, Don, Josh, and I had a great time, despite the crescendo of “singing” voices emitting painful sound at the end of SUMMER LOVIN’.

I have always held a soft spot for Don’s friends whom I had met only briefly in the past, but with time spent with them recently because of the holidays, I can conclusively say I REALLY like them! They are very sweet, thoughtful, and mature guys, despite the lascivious slurping over my boyfriend.

Nick sang last night and when he sings the room changes from being a corn-ball, off-key, homo frenzy to seeming ALMOST like a serious venue for talent! It is amazing to watch him. He commands the floor, captures the attentions of all the boys, and silkens the room with sound.

Of course, this makes the already-lascivious boys of Don almost pee themselves with desire for Nick. Although I am MOSTLY fine with this harmless expression of attraction for Nick, I have to say that a teensy part of me was/is jealous and annoyed. Ironically, as I stood processing some of the more annoying and jealous feelings, (you know, not taking it too seriously and keeping things in perspective) suddenly this guy who was probably one of the prettiest guys I have ever seen (and everyone had been commenting on how amazingly attractive he was) came over to me, leaned across a table, took my hand, and just started talking, saying he was compelled to talk to me,… he asked my name, what I did for New Years, etc. It was VERY awkward and I was completely taken aback. All of my friends just stared and Nick stood there tolerating the entire scene. And then it was over. He just smiled, relaxed his grip on my hands, slid them away, and said we would talk more, later.

That was just the strangest thing! So in the middle of this processing and letting go of the annoying feelings about feeling so unattractive, feeling jealous of Nick’s attention from these guys, I suddenly became the center of attention from the cutest guy in the place (besides my burn-your-hands-and-heart hot boyfriend)! It was very exciting and confusing and embarrassing and satisfying at the same time.

Why do I have to be so hard on myself…?!! Maybe I’m not the doughy, boring, John Goodman-lookalike I see in my head?

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