Blustery Boy

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Oh my GOD it is cold! My fingers were burning and itching within minutes this morning while walking Spyder. That might be because I was excited to be out in the powdery snow of the pre-6 a.m. street traffic, so took my camera and was trying to snap photos through the wind and sharp snow flakes. I LOVE that: the quiet blanket of snow over the beautiful streets of my neighborhood. Spyder danced and played in the drifts while I tried to take pictures of her. She is quite a bit retarded, so a photo shoot of her was not easy, but she was adorable with her wide eyes, darting, and snorting of the snow. Today the chill is going to get even worse, with winds up to 45 miles per hour and the chill being between -35 and -50 at some points!

Now this is winter! I love it!

I’ve decided to use ofoto as my image storing source, so you will most likely be asked to register and sign in to see any pix I post. I’ve been signed up with this service for a long time and I have never received obnoxious promotions or ads from them, so you should be fine. Besides, if you register, you can comment on the photos, save the albums, create your own, etc. It’s a way cool service!

See pix of my morning, here!


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