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Since my and Nick’s Birthdays are so close together (20th & 29th), we not only celebrate them separately, but we gather a gang and celebrate together.

This past Saturday we went to one of our top favorite restaurants in Manhattan, CARAVAN OF DREAMS: An amazing, vegan, totally organic heaven of foods. They have an extensive Raw (aka “Live”) menu (meaning that the foods are either literally uncooked, or they have not been cooked above a certain, low temperature) that is incredibly delicious enough to convince me that I can move beyond my Veganism some day! For now, I will just settle with being Vegan. I’m at about 90% dairy-free! YAY! It’s not been difficult at all. I used to read Tarot Cards at Caravan of Dreams a long time ago, so it has a special little place in my heart…

After our wonderful dinner, which was given to Nick and me from Thzaira (Thanks, Thzaira!!), we went to THE SLIPPER ROOM in the Lower East Side for a raunchy, playful, overcrowded burlesque show! An asian girl go-go danced for about 30 minutes while the room continued to fill up, and she was so boring. It was like watching a 9-year old boy caught in a spider’s web.

Finally, a giant, blue, high-heeled-glass-slippered, glittery, camouflaged, homo bunny took over the room as MC. He was hilarious. At one point some girl was pushing and shoving and screaming out, “hey, mister bunny!” She got on my nerves so much that I “corrected” her and told her it wasn’t a bunny, but “the tick” (from the cartoon series) So she started yelling out, “Hey, TICK!!” The homo bunny whipped his head around and put his hand on his hip and laid into her!! He lisped out, “Listen, you waspy bitch! I am a homosexual and I don’t have no problem hittin’ a girl! Take your New Jersey Bridal Party and go to the back of the room!!” HA HA HA!!! Of course, he was trying to be caustic and funny, but she did shut up and stop pushing. Hee hee…

Cyprus and Taren were finally able to get seats, and so did Nick and I, but Josh, Jennifer and Jeannie were stuck in the crowd, so they left fairly quickly. After the first set of strippers, which were really hilarious skits and just plain fun, Nick started getting whiny and wanting to leave, so I obligated myself to escort him out and home. I was actually glad to be home fairly early, but I was really enjoying the show.

Cyprus and Taren stayed and I hear the second part of the show was over-the-top hilarity. At one point, Taren had smacked the homo bunny’s ass, so he grabbed her by the hair, dragged her onto the stage, whipped her around, pulled her pants down, and started spanking her bare ass in front of the entire venue!! HA HA HA!!

We will be going back, more than likely, for our Valentine’s Night Out together!

Ahhhh… New York. I love our home…


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