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I haven’t recalled a dream very clearly in a long time, which is very odd for me. I usually have very bizarre, detailed, intense dreams that can become epic, lasting over several nights of sleep. I love it!

Lately, however, I have not recalled much at all.

Last night, the clarity and recall returned. I always post my dreams in my journal for future reference because the insights gained from watching your dream patterns can be profound and even prophetic.


I dreamt I was in a “duplex”. Not the two-story version of a duplex, but the kind that refers to a two homes, separate, but completely connected. I was in one side with Cyprus and some other people, I am not sure. I do know that Taren was with me.

At some point I realized that Taren had wandered off and had entered the other home/apartment that was part of the duplex. I knew that the previous tenants had only recently moved, and when I entered into the apartment where Taren already was, I was very uneasy about being in there.

Taren was rummaging through all of the stuff that the tenants had left behind, unconcerned about whether we should be in there, or not. Though the apartment was bleak, dirty, messy, and poorly lit, she expressed how much she would love to move into it so she could live next door. For some reason, I knew this was not an easy option, so I expressed support that we would have to check out how she could go about doing it.

Suddenly, through the window, I could see that the manager of the grounds for the duplexes was coming toward us. Taren had turned on some lights, so it was obvious we were in there. I thought fast and told Taren to just play along. She went to a rickety kitchen table and sat as I answered the door when the manager knocked. He knew I was from the other part of the duplex and asked how I was settling in. He asked if Cyprus was around so he could finalize the lease with us. Then he asked Taren if she was ready to sign HER lease!

I have no idea how I thought this would fly, but I guess I assumed that the manager was just making rounds to finalize leases for all new move-ins (I remembered that he was coming to see us in our own apartment), and that he MIGHT just assume Taren was a new move-in! He sat down with her, went over the lease, she signed it, and they shook hands! She was so happy!! I couldn’t believe what had just happened, but I was so happy for her and happy that she would be our neighbor.

Any interpretations?

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