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Wow, another great dream! I am back on track in recalling! YAY!


For some reason, I have rarely if ever dreamt about Nick.

Maybe it’s because he is on my mind and in my life so much anyway that my night time is for other adventures? Anyway, I had a dream with him, finally!

Now that I am writing this, I am unclear as to the details, dammit, but Nick and I were out and about, but for some reason got on a wrong train or something. We ended up somewhere that was confusing, but still kind of familiar. I don’t know how this merged together, but somehow we found some tickets to a show of some sort. The tickets were for only part of an event that had varying levels of possible participation. Our tickets were ONLY for the show, so we could not stay for any receptions or discussions, or whatever. I don’t even remember seeing the show, but I know we went.

After the show, we were laughing and trying to figure out where/what to do next, so we started working our way through this place. It seemed we were in a mall of some sort, but it was long, the way outdoor plazas are designed. We worked our way through and by many, many stores, and we began to wonder how we were to get out of this place.

Finally, we found a fast food restaurant that was interesting enough to eat the food, so we were standing in line. As Nick got the food, I was called over by someone at a table who informed me that we had to pay for the tickets we had found earlier. I tried to explain that we had found them, but that didn’t matter since we had used them. He said we would be billed on our Credit Card for $14.95 each. This upset me because we had only seen the show, but participated in nothing else, and he was charging us for the entire event. We should have been paying only $6.

We were both annoyed, but just resigned to paying the price. Suddenly I saw a door that appeared to lead outside! I rushed over and stepped through to see where we were. I couldn’t figure out anything except that there was a restaurant across the street called SWOOP, which was a Soup and Sandwich shop! I looked up at the lettering above the doorway I had stepped through and it read: SWOOP & PASTA. I guess it was because it sold soup, sandwiches, and pastas/salads.

That’s all I remember, EXCEPT that at some point amid all of this, I was flirting with Nick, then lifted him onto my shoulders with his legs over them, FACING ME, so my face was in his crotch! We were getting all bizarrely sexual, but someone walked in on us and we stopped, though we weren’t that embarrassed.

What the hell is going on in my lil head!!?? heh heh

PS: Nick and I are officially dating again…

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