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I dreamt last night that I had discovered a new love for someplace in Europe, but I am not sure where I was. I have never been to Europe in my waking life. I was much younger in my dream, which has never happened before. I always dream of me as either non-age specific or my current age, but in this dream I was just about 20 years old. Apparently, I had gone to this place in Europe and had left to go back to the States. I guess I had just returned and had worked really hard to be able to come back. I vaguely think there was someone there whom I had fallen in love with and had vowed to return to him, but now I couldn’t find him. I remember walking down this lovely, quiet street and feeling so alone, but so happy to be back at the same time.

At one point I was standing in front of this house that sat on this street nearly by itself. I knew my mom lived there, but I never did see her in the dream. I just knew she was there. I was standing around outside this house when a car pulled up about a half-block away. It pulled up onto the sidewalk and parked. All of its doors opened, and I was already half-running to the car. It was the women from the STARTING OVER house! What the..??!!

They all got out of the car as if they had expected to see me, and though I appeared to have expected to see them, I was also SO happy to see these familiar faces! I hugged Hannah and discovered since I had seen her last, she had damaged/injured her neck and back and was in minor pain. Karen is the one who appeared to be happiest to see me, with a huge, tight hug!

We were all walking back down the street toward the house where my mom lived.

I woke up.

NOTES: I do love that STARTING OVER reality show! I think it is one of my all-time favorites of the reality tv phenomenon. I wonder if I dreamt this because of my recent breakup with Nick.

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