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Bruises, Bruises…

So last night was my first night doing my weight lifting routine.

One of the very fit men from the gym showed me around the machines I was scheduled to do, being very patient and very instructive. I have a workout plan (generated from that is designed for weight loss and lean muscle building and scheduled for five days a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are Cardio workouts (running, biking, rowing, stepping), and Tuesday and Thursdays are weights, focused on lean muscle development. The very fit man from the gym commented that I had a “great workout plan”, so I guess that site knows what it is doing.

Okay, first of all, I just realized it is freaking me out that I am talking about a GYM or WORKING OUT. Well, as with my breakup, new dating life, and working out,… it is all just another adventure in the end. I can’t believe how enthused and committed I am to getting in shape, but I’m going to do this… for me.

One of the things you may not realize is how HARD it is for me to type this morning!! My arms are killing me, but not where you would think they would be (like the bi- or triceps). No, they are aching and difficult right around the ELBOW! Now… what the hell??!! I think I did the “Lat-Pulldown” exercise incorrectly or something, because I just can’t imagine why someone would need to work out an ELBOW muscle? I’m trying to remember if I have ever commented to myself about how fit someone’s elbow area is? I just don’t think so. So this is either a stupid pain in my elbow from a misused weight machine, or I am just not educated enough yet about this working out stuff.


I dreamt about “C” last night. I haven’t even met the guy yet, but we have a strong online interaction going, so I am looking forward to our date Thursday night. He is a temperamental, fucking brat, who throws tantrums and expresses severe cynicism on a regular basis, so it is clear why I am attracted (god help me). In my dream last night we had just met and I was surprised by how big he is, as in tall and big-boy-ish. I do know he is over 6 feet tall in Waking Life. When we met, we were all giddy and silly and joked about how scared we were that we would reject each other in 3D. There were other people with us, but I am not sure who they were. Oddly, he made me stand up in front of him and he laughed happily as he made me do a turn around in front of him. He helped turn me by putting his hands on my waist and moving me in a slow spin. He was so excited and laughing, commenting on how he could not understand why I would ever have been concerned. So then I affectionately made HIM get up and do a turn around for me. I was very surprised by how “hard” his body felt in my dream, but at the same time it was so soft, through his clothes. One of the mystery people with us asked him to show his tummy, so he begrudgingly leaned back on this stool and pulled up his shirt. He was very fit, but that was the least attractive thing about him in my dream. Instead, I was totally attracted to his playfulness and ability to poke fun at our fears. Making us do a spin in front of each other like some kind of cattle auction seemed to put things into perspective and make us laugh and get that whole stupid distraction out of the way.

Cut to us walking around someplace I didn’t recognize, but it seemed “small town”, like a semi-residential neighborhood. We were walking Spyder and talking and laughing. Somehow Spyder got loose and took off running, and though she had a long delay in responding to my calling her back, she did eventually come back and I was so relieved.


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