Scars N Stars

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First off, I think I have injured myself when working out. I don’t think I should still be this sore in such a specific area. The muscle/tendon right above my elbow is actually kind of bulging and I can barely lift my hands to my face. Hmmm, I will have to see.


I dreamt that I was with someone and I am not sure how we heard or knew this, but we knew a friend/acquaintance of ours was in a bizarre predicament in his apartment. It almost feels like I and that person with me were detectives investigating a report, but I am not sure. Anyway, when we entered into the apartment of the friend (or person having been reported), we found him with his face/head smashed into a high part of a wall, with his head completely pushed into the wall to his neck. His neck had been broken and he was hanging all limp about 3 feet off the ground. You couldn’t even see his head, it was pushed in so completely. It was particularly startling because the space that his head was pushed into seemed too small, like his head must have had to have been crushed to get it through. I went over to lift his body up, to take pressure off of the neck, and that’s when the guy spoke!! I could see his lips and eyes moving as he spoke from his mangled head. I cannot remember what he said to me now, but it was a message.

Next I dreamt that I was pressing on my right chest muscle and massaging it because a sharp pain was shooting through. Somehow there was a discussion about the fact that my heart was actually scarred.

[note: yesterday in Waking Life, I really did have a sharp pain in my chest that caused me to massage my chest]

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