Sex Dreams

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I have been having dreams that I have not recorded, which include:

Cyprus and I decided to move to Australia. I remember it being a bittersweet decision that was full of hope and yet deeply saddening. The view of the house was very similar to what one might see in the Tucson, Phoenix, Tempe area of Arizona.

Now I can’t remember who won, but someone in my dream won a substantial lottery jackpot. I don’t think it was me, but I knew it would be shared with me.

And last night I dreamt about a disturbing sexual competition that involved keeping an erection and rotating partners and doing all kinds of weird things. I remember that I felt like I was winning, but some kind of interruption was happening that was making the competition break up. I think I was very disappointed that I would not be able to win. [note: as with all of my sex dreams, the actual sexual part is always implied rather than actually experienced. I don’t think I have ever actually dreamt of an actual sex act… hmmmm]

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