SpringTime in NYC!

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I love the cold, the cool, the chill of Fall, Winter, and Spring, and I HATE the heat, humidity, the stink of Summer. I have never been able to understand why some people prefer to sweat, give off odors, and generally appear greasy. The dry heat of the southwest is better, I admit, but that’s like choosing between the lesser of two evils, like choosing between being trapped inside the thighs of an angry whore after three days of street-walkin’ or being trapped inside the doors of an oven. Oddly, I do think we had quite a long Winter of cold, so I was actually happy to see the sun coming out in such glory recently within the chill.


Then, all of a sudden, it’s an 80+ degree day!!! Where the fuck did Spring go?? Supposedly it will cool again and I hope that is our Spring, but if it just jumps right into humidity and heat, I am going to be in for a long, miserable Spring/Summer. Uggh. Still, for some reason, any weather in NYC is glorious in some way.

And that glorious day prompted all of us to go out and have a great time!

First, we all went to DOJO’s on St. Mark’s Place in the East Village for a nice brunch, then walked around for treats, and finally went to see KILL BILL Volume 2 (which was just brilliant!) 

<see pix below of the sunny fun day>




Cyprus [through Tibetan store window]

Nick [with lover]

Troy [in my new Gay Pimp glasses]

Cyprus [with lover]

SO much to write about, so little time!!

[excerpts of a life synopsis of a week: a. cyprus and i are moving again! b. have had tons of dreams to upate here c. had another funtastic night out with Hedda and the Classics, so funny my face was still hurting the next day!]

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