Comin’ Home Again…

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Well it has finally happened (again)… Cyprus and I are moving! We continue to work hard and do our best to create a stable adult life, which is harder than you may think for two overgrown, big kids at heart.

The apartment is not far from where we currently live, but the DRASTIC nature of the neighborhood is amazing. But that’s the way New York is anyway. One side of our current block is swarming with the stink of fast food, street noise from hell, screaming ‘hood people, sometimes fighting, and just horrible, scraping trucks that idle for hours… then on the other side of our block, it is serene, gorgeous brownstones and playful dogs walked with pleasant people, trees, history, peace…

Well, Cyprus and I are now moving into that kind of space,… but even BETTER!

The neighborhood is embracing, warm, friendly, civil, and beautiful.

I don’t want to post too many details, since this is public, but some pics are below. For the most part, I wanted to document the transition from the BEFORE and AFTER. We are renting an apartment that is not even finished being renovated. Thankfully, I have seen the renovations of this landlord in other apartments, so I trust it will be excellent. All new appliances, an elevator in the building, and laundry in the building. I cannot wait to move now!!! YAY!! We will be living near the water, along the promenade, with tons of neighborhood amenities!

Check out the BEFORE pix below. Our new apartment is currently gutted and in the process of being completely revitalized.

The entrance to our home! YAY!

The gutted kitchen!

First Bedroom w/Bathroom

First Bedroom w/Bath (note how HUGE it is with the person in the photo!)

Second Bedroom w/o bath

Second Bedroom w/o bath

Gutted bathroom outside of second bedroom!

A portion of the Living Room (it was filled with debris and too big for one photo)

So watch for your HOUSEWARMING PARTY invites in JULY!!

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