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I dreamt I was in Taren’s apartment (in which I have never been in waking life). We were all getting ready to go out or something. I had to go to the bathroom really bad, so everyone was waiting for me to piss. I stepped into the bathroom and was immediately disgusted. I started getting that tickle in my throat like I was going to vomit. There was a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling, mold everywhere, and the tiles/walls were this seafoam-greenish-nauseous color. I don’t remember any smells, ironically. The room was very tiny so that my ass was actually touching the tiny sink as I angled to pee into the toilet, which was turning into its own disaster. The toilet was covered in piles of clothes, a basket, and various other things. I wanted to put the stuff on the floor, but I couldn’t because the floor was wet and muddy with stones, dirt, gravel. So I lifted the seat to try to pee while holding it up, which of course left my pants to become too loose and they fell around my ankles. Because I was freaked out about my pants getting dirty, I flinched and started pissing onto the floor, but I quickly realized I not only pissed on the floor, but all over my own messenger bag that was dangling near my feet, and I had pissed on my jeans, too. I was getting really grossed out, but felt obligated to act like it wasn’t offensive to use her bathroom. Meanwhile, the floor had become softened by the liquid and my own piss, and my shoe got sucked off. For some reason there was no solid floor anymore, just piss, mud, gravel, and disgust. I can’t remember what led to my losing both of my shoes and my socks, but at some point before I awakened, I was standing with the piss and gravel squeezing up between my toes and the smell of urine was getting stronger (AND I hadn’t even finished peeing!)

I woke up and had to pee.

5 thoughts on “DREAM”

  1. Can we say “icky”! Just reading it was making me sick. I am starting to think that some things should be kept to ones self.

    I think it is interesting that no matter how horrid, you still felt like you should act like it wasn’t bad.

  2. Gosh, nasty little dream, certainly. I just can’t seem to get past the part about you losing both your shoes and socks for some reaaon. I think its because, as a boy, I used to have recurring dreams of walking around the city by myself, only to suddenly realize in shock, shame and horror that I was walking around without any shoes or socks! That’s when I would wake up, feeling all weird about having dreamt that I was walking around all barefoot out on the streets of NYC.

  3. Oh dear. Horrendous memories of peeing the bed as a very young child. There was always a dream of sitting on the toilet, pants falling around my ankles, and the feeling of pee when I pulled them up. Of course, I was pulling the sheets up. <g>

    Rank dream though. Where would a dream interpreter begin? 😉

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