Invasion is so Succexy…

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I am finally getting these images posted from our amazing time with METRIC last week! I could not believe how much energy and charisma this band has. They have been on tour forever, and they still manage to seem as if every single night is the best night they have ever had performing! It feels so good! If you have not checked out METRIC, you really should. The music is deceptive at first, but after about 3 listens to one or two songs, you are hooked by the smart lyrics, catchy choruses, and impressive/expressive energy that is infectious.

Emily was in her trademark charismatic spastic weirdness that drives everyone into a happy worship, even leaping into the crowd to body surf briefly. She is so thin and tiny, it is not much a deal that 20+ hands can pass her around easily. I love seeing people do what they love to do. It is so inspiring.

I grabbed a few snapshots as best I could… click on an image for a larger version.

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