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We are finally done with our big move to our new apartment, settling in, and making the space liveable. I have not been this happy with an apartment and neighborhood in such a long time!

The neighborhood is full of gorgeous brownstones, very friendly services, conveniences, etc. It is the perfect balance of City vs Nature.

The people around here leave a little bit to be desired so far. The area is populated by what appear to be a mix of midwestern suburbia transplants who still do not know how to smile or be friendly to a stranger (true NYers are very friendly), and transplanted hipster cuties who generate a posture that was obviously learned from bad TV shows about NYC. It is really odd. When you say hello to most people around here you may as well have just spit a hocker on their faces. They react like you have just committed an atrocity! Very weird.

Despite the lack of friendly pedestrians, I still LOVE the apartment and the neighborhood.

Here are a few pictures of the day we moved in, along with one picture of how we have managed to make the best with what we have. We won’t be able to paint for at least a couple of more weeks, but that will make a huge difference.

Living Room view from Dining/Foyer area (before)

Living Room area (after)

Looking toward Dining Area/Foyer from Living Room

Looking from my room across Living Room to Cyprus’ room

Kitchen and Bathroom off of Dining/Foyer area

Cute Little Kitchen

Cute Little Kitchen (view 2)

Partial view of Cyprus’ teeny Bedroom

Partial view of Cyprus’ teeny Bedroom

Partial View of Cyprus’ teeny Bedroom (looking out toward living room)

Partial view of Troy’s Bedroom

Another partial view of Troy’s Bedroom

I am so happy with how much light, air, and coziness there is in our new home! I think I could live here for the rest of my life! I will post more updates as we make the place into more of a home! As you can see, the landlord did NOT paint or complete repairs… sigh…

WORK: I am adjusting to my lack of steady work now… unemployment sure helps! I have been busting my booty to get my web site functional, revitalized, and made into a wonderful community again, so I hope that pays off on many levels! So far, so good. 7 Paths


1: I dreamt that Nick asked me to get back together with him. How sad is that.

2. I dreamt that I was part of a secret society that had learned how to extract a liquid from a person that carried a quantifiable life force measured in years. So you could basically extract 5 years from someone and give that 5 years of life to someone who had been seriously injured or was terminal. Once that liquid 5 years was used, then 5 years was immediately removed from the donor’s lifespan. You could actually see within minutes the aging of the 5 years! Anyway, this was a totally philanthropic organization who also had metaphysical knowledge as to who were the most powerful and positive and pivotal people on the planet. If any of those key people were harmed or became sick, we would track them down and give them the viles of liquid to extend their life until their pivotal task was done! I remember looking at my hands as I climbed a ladder and they aged before my eyes; I knew a vile of my years had been used successfully to help someone.

3. I dreamt about a bizarre display room in the basement of a mall where these unusual watches were being sold. I tried on this cool watch that looked like a smoothed, oddly-shaped stone. The stone was hollowed out and opened to reveal a glowing light of either blue or green along with its hollow filled with 3 differently sized stones. There were like 3 of one size, 6 of another, and 12 of another, all resting in this wet muddy moss. I was very confused as to how this was a watch and as I stared at the moss and mud, the stones started moving and shaping themselves into an order. The moss and the mud began dividing, too. I don’t know how I knew it, but I figured out that the arrangement of the moss, mud, and stones, along with the color of glowing light, indicated exactly what time it was! I was thrilled with the concept!

4. Finally, I dreamt that I was invited to a TV cult classic movie showing. I was invited because people couldn’t believe that I had created a movie, but it wasn’t me. The name was very similar, but it was a couple of letters off. The movie was titled, “The Strange”.

I dream the strangest dreams…

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