The New York Sex Comedy

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The gang and I went to see Josh’s latest play:  HOPSCOTCH “the new york sex comedy”
What started off as a disorienting, sort of startling and disturbing display of half-naked glittery homos and a couple of Paris Hilton/Britney Spears knock-offs eventually turned into this really endearing, totally hilarious jaunt into the world of NYC created by the expectations of mid-westerner transplants.  The play began as if it was taking itself seriously, and then suddenly you totally get it that it is not only making fun of the corny version of NYC that is portrayed by TV shows like Sex in the City, but they were making fun of the people who move here thinking that is really what it’s like!  And even better was that the play makes fun of itself, sex, relationships,… I really loved it.


Once you started to “get it” what was going on, you started seeing that each character/actor was playing their parts perfectly.  Josh was excellent as usual, but his role as the dead, fat, horny Elvis in a dream sequence with a fetish for thong panties was at once creepy and brilliant.  Brianna Leigh Hansen played the naive yet snotty, secretly-from-Oklahoma girl trying to make it big in NYC, apparently by only using her ability to put on airs.  She played it up EXCELLENTLY.  So much so I wanted to smack her silly.  And oh my god, particularly striking and achingly funny was Diedre Kilgore playing the multiple facets of a sexed up psychic dominatrix hiring a detective to look for her long lost love (read: one-night stand), whom she can only describe in terms of how he approached her at the bar one night to offer a drink and how he fucked her with his maybe-10-inch dick.


The whole play didn’t really seem to go anywhere, but for some reason when it was all over, you really liked all the corny, sexy characters a LOT!


We all wanted to go home after the play, but the cast convinced a few of us to go out for drinks for a bit, and even Cyprus went!  And this was a Wednesday night!  GO GRANNY!


PICS of part of the cast having food and drinks after: 




Special Note:  Deandra, my good pal from my old position at Saks, has an accidental alter-ego we call DeNadra.  Note in the background of my photo of some of the cast of Hopscotch and you will see DeNadra gettin’ all ghetto and goin’ through someone’s purse!

DeNadra, how could you!

Ps.  Just kidding… hee hee

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