Slowly, Slowly, the Colors…

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Progress is coming along on the apartment.  This is the longest amount of time I have ever had to spend on painting, but I have so many conflicting priorities that I just have to squeeze the paint into my schedule whenever I can.  I still have both bedrooms and the kitchen left to do, but, my god, it’s almost all done…   When I am completely done, I will put all the pix together in one post.  The Living Room post is a few entries back…


BEFORE                                                AFTER

BEFORE                                                AFTER

Bathroom (I didn’t have any Before photos)

One thought on “Slowly, Slowly, the Colors…”

  1. OMG! It’s like a technicolor dreamcoat! What a bright and breezy looking apt. I bet its super comfy too. Makes me want to slide around the floor in my socks! Love the before and after PICS. God Almighty, I really need to dable on a wider spectrum. My crib can really use some bold and beautiful colors. Will there soon be a house warming jam? – Paul

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