Madame X and the Slipper Room

Reading time: 3 – 4 minutes

These photos were taken in June when Taren, Josh and I decided to romp around the lower east side. We popped into Madame X [or here] by direct invitation by the owner as we stood outside pondering whether to go in or not. There was a door cover, but they saw we were displeased with this and invited us in for free! They had overheard Taren telling us how this place was one of (if not THE first) place that she had gone out when she had first moved to NYC. The owner was incredibly generous with us, eventually inviting us up to a V.I.P. area where we got super goofy and laughed secretly at the frat boys and sorority girls who stood in careful poses.

Later, we continued romping and found ourselves once again at the Slipper Room [or here], but not before bouncing around in a few other lounge/bars. Oh my god, we had so much fun!
Some lovely ladies of Slipper Room!

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