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Finally, an update with all the pix I’ve taken over the past couple of months. In the posts below this one, I have, I think, caught my blog up with my photos. I love documenting life! Next month, however, look forward to more thoughtful, philosophical postings about life because I have noticed I seem to be too focused on writing about our adventures out and about, but no focus on what’s happening inside my little head and heart. I’m in a mood to explore that now, so September will mark the beginning of that frontier. If you know me, you know I am always thinking, feeling, and exploring myself (in so many ways, tee hee), but I haven’t written about it much here. That is about to change…

Until then…

Nick was asked by a coworker to gather us and come out to Opaline to show support for her as she is a band member. Because they work in the music industry, she had a heads up that Boy George and Debbie Harry were going to be at Opaline, too! Opaline was hosting a record-release party for a member of The Toilet Boys, and the lead singer, GUY’s, latest solo project, which includes a duet with Boy George!

Boy George is a teen idol of mine, so I was thrilled at the possibility of even seeing him in person. I am a very shy star-stalker, barely even acknowledging a celebrity when I see one. Living in NYC puts into perspective that people who live on TV or in movies are just… well, people. Still, Boy George is an icon, a pioneer, an artist, and an inspiration, so I was excited. And we DID get to see him! A fleeting glimpse (I actually walked right past him and didn’t notice) as we left the club.

Craig was in town from D.C., so it was really nice to see him. He is so funny and smart. I love seeing him and wish he would move his ass here. He’s such a conservatively-packaged fringe freaker genius… I love it.

Gary and Martin (a couple of sweethearts who have recently joined my life) found their way out with us, which was a wonderful treat for me, especially. I have been hoping upon hoping to meet some local guys from Brooklyn who may at the very LEAST be capable of intelligent and fun socializing, and possibly share some interests. The guys I have met so far have completely exceeded my hopes!

Meeting new pals was always important to me, but even more so after being horribly dumped by Love, like the aftermath of too much fiber.

I had joined Brooklyn Gay Network of Friends to help in that exploration and it took me over a year to make the time to go to any outing. Synchronistically, I found my way out to a spontaneous gathering at Excelsior a couple of months ago, and found myself in the company of some really great guys! Interestingly, from what I understand, everyone who had gone out that night was going out for THEIR first time, too!

Anyway, so Martin and Gary (and DJ and Henry) are not only amazingly wonderful guys, but they helped generate a sense of peace that I am gladly growing into, knowing that I am building friendships closer to home (literally and metaphorically).

After we gathered at Cyprus’ and my own Love Lounge, we headed out to the East Village! YAY! My old stomping ground…

Chillin’ and a little Groovin’ in our own Lounge

In the East Village, we found Opaline and met up with Taren who was as cute as EVER. I am in love with Opaline now. It became one of my favorite places that night. The crowd was absolutely eccentric, eclectic, and fun! The music was the best I have ever heard in a public place in forever! We danced like the White people we are (and yes, that includes you two, Martin and Craig, hee hee) as we waited for the night’s main event.

The performance was a raucous, LOUD, tribute to The Toilet Boys (none of us had ever heard of them). Several guest singers/screamers took the stage, one after the other, to do their covers of Toilet Boys songs, ending with the original lead singer, GUY. It was so energetic and fun and corny all at the same time!

Martin & Gary

Nick’s Co-worker/Band Member

Below are the various guest singers covering The Toilet Boys, including (out of drag) the delicious Mistress Formica (3rd pic)!

Original lead singer of Toilet Boys: GUY

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