This House is CLEAN…

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Ahhh… finally,…

I know this seems to have turned into my DYI blog, but it took a lot of time to paint and decorate our little home, so I wanted to pop these pix up. I’m missing some images of Cyprus’ room, but it wasn’t completely done at the time. They will be up soon enough, though.

My teeny little bedroom with a loft bed to make it seem like I have more room! YAY! Cyprus’ room is even smaller! D’oh!

One thought on “This House is CLEAN…”

  1. crank in its lesser know form…phosphorescent technicolor paint additive.
    warning: direct light refraction into the retina may cause retinal burning and has resulted in intermittent hallucinations of drowning in a blow-up kiddy pool of fruit loops.
    contrary to popular belief it will not cause birth defects if ingested like its more notorious lead based counterpart. hee, hee! luv u!

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