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After my stint at the pre-release screening of Incident at Loch Ness, I was ready to do something nice and simple with Taren for her Birthday. She was preparing for her trip to Mexico, and she doesn’t really make much of a fuss about her birthday, but still, I wanted to make sure she was at least hugged and smooched that day!

What started out as a sweet little jaunt uptown for a possible cocktail and photographing of the protesters, turned out to be a long, LONG night of silly synchronicities, playful prancing, and delightful drunkenness!

We spontaneously veered over to East Of Eighth, [and here] one of our favorite haunts. We hadn’t been there in months, so it was a refreshing reunion to be there again! Immediately upon arriving, we were greeted with a couple of gorgeous, happy faces who ended up making the night one of the most fun we have had in a long time!!
Stephanie and Jeffrey greeted us with introductions and questions and compliments all around; our conversation and ensuing goofball night seeming more like a planned reunion than a chance meeting. We were all in love before the first hour passed!

The night was dangerously helped along with the help of one of our new favorite bartenders as he made freshly-squeezed orange juice margaritas! DEEE-lish! Yes, I said it… DEE-Lish!

Stephanie asked me to save and upload this photo of her. She thought it was important to document the very moment that I caught the look on her face as she proclaimed out loud, “All the good guys are taken or GAY!!”
Taren, Stephanie, Jeffrey, and I took over the bar to the point of scaring patrons from entering. We would see them walk down the steps toward the door, they would see four kooks boogying and gyrating around while the kitchen help sat and watched us, wide-eyed and envious (or terrified, I am not sure), and the person would turn and run. It was all a hoot. Yes, I said it, a HOOT.

After parting ways from Stephanie and Jeffrey, I started walking Taren home, when we made another veer into another favorite bar, Barracuda [and here]!

We got there just in time for the drag show that was starting! Not only was the show funny, we actually became a part of the damn thing!

Taren, upstaging the drag queen!

So, Happy Birthday to you, Taren! I know we paid the price the next day, but dammit, it was worth it! HUG HUG HUG!

…and god help me… more birthdays to come in the next weeks ahead!!

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