Halloween Levity

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For a little levity, here are some photos from our super-successful and super-fun Halloween Party!  The theme was "Halloween is a Drag" in which most everyone had to show up in "drag", even the lovely ladies.  Everyone had to choose "drag names", too!  There were performances, Tarot Card Readings, a "bobbing for Apples" contest (from strings) that Katherine, or lovely neighbor, won hands-down (or behind her back, hee hee)!  The party lasted until about 5am!

Taren (cruella) & Cyprus (sugar slit) & Troy (Rainbow Anus)

Josh (Minnie Peters), Taren, Nick (Ginger Snap!) Cyprus, Troy

Nick (Ginger Snap!) & Josh (Minnie Peters)

Taren (Cruella) & Cyprus (Sugar Slit)

Troy (Rainbow Anus)

Rainbow Anus (me) MCing the Halloween events!  I sang (or croaked and moaned out) "The Joker" (the theme to Kath and Kim), Nick performed Disco Inferno, Josh played guitar and sang a Beatles song, and Andrew (aka Soce, the Elemental Wizard), performed “TRAPPED”, a HILARIOUS and RAUNCHY new song of his own creation!  (see his recent video HERE!) The performances were perfectly insane!

Gary (Betty Bang-Bang)


Nicholas (Girls-Gone-Wild Girl, Kimmee from Cabo!)

More Troy & Taren

Taren, Cyprus, & Jeffrey (drag name?)

Soce/Andrew, Taren, Gary, Nicholas, and Troy

Some of the gang at the party!

Nick (aka Ginger Snap!) performing Disco Inferno!

Thanks to all of you who performed, contributed, attended, and made this such a great night!


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