Sweet Dream

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

Awwww… I had the oddest dream last night:

Taren and I were lying in a bed with our clothes on, giggling and facing each other, poking and playing and being super silly. Some song was on and the lyrics sang something about “listening with an open mind” and something about how truly listening is the equivalence of Love. When we heard those couple of lines from the song, Taren kept saying all big-grinned, “You LOVE me!” Then I would say, “I LOVE you!” and then she would say, “And I love YOU!” and I would say, “Love”, and we both kept tossing the words and phrases back and forth and laughing hysterically as we hugged happily!

Hmmmm… interesting. This is SO much better than that PISS DREAM I had about her a long time ago! d’oh!


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