The Ghost Who Hates Christmas II

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So I got up this morning and I seem to have had a nice night of happy dreaming, even though I couldn’t remember anything. I just felt… Good. I go into the living room and the tree is totally fine. I think, “well, it must have had a logical explanation.” It wouldn’t be that hard to explain away, really.

So I make my phone calls to Cyprus and Nick and talk to them about the tree and how everything is normal… but, while on the phone with Nick, I walk back through the living room and nearly all of the Christmas balls are pulled off of the tree and strewn about! It was NOT like that in my first few passes through the living room! It was only like this AFTER talking to Nick and Cyprus about it! The Christmas balls were mostly shoved behind the couch, but several were about the living room, too.

Some of you may think our cat could be behind this, but really, it’s not her. She does not play, nor is she active. She has never been a playful, chaser cat. She’s just a purring, squawking cat who is just there. I can’t stress how much we know it is not the cat. Besides, IF it were the cat, why wouldn’t I have heard the balls falling in the minute or so between seeing the tree as normal and then seeing it in shambles.

I spent another several hours today fixing the tree AND putting up the rest of the decorations. Lights, garland, blinkers, giant snow flakes, you know, all the corny fun stuff. It all looks beautiful (pictures to come!)

I await the next spooky event…


2 thoughts on “The Ghost Who Hates Christmas II”

  1. It COULD be the Ghost of Christmas Past, say 1972. He wants his tree back,along with an 8-track tape player.

    I agree with above post, you need to set up a camera.
    Or call TAPS (Ghosthunters from the SciFi show)- they
    are based in New England and will investigate paranormal
    activity with kewl equipment, set up cameras, etc.

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