The Ghost Hater

Reading time: < 1 minute Well, ever since I restrung all the lights and added more, replaced all the christmas balls on the tree, hung garland, etc., there has been no incidences at all. I commented half-jokingly to Cyprus that I thought I must have overpowered the ghost energy with all of the decorations, but Cyprus stated that she has been insanely concentrating on exorcising the apartment of the ghost! She is a Ghost Hater! She is a Skinist! She only likes people who have bodies. She has control issues. Me, I don’t mind a troublemaking ghost anymore than I do a troublemaking person… [raising my eye at some of you] Mmmmm..Hmmmmmmm…

3 thoughts on “The Ghost Hater”


    I am not a ghost hater. They are fine until they start messing up our stuff. And lets also note that the very next morning I woke up to all these emails from Troy with links to scary Amityville ghost stuff. I got a little extra weirded out. And all I did was say I was not comfortable with what was going on and I wanted it to stop. I have no room in my reality for that sort of distruction. If they want to hang around fine, but no messing stuff up.

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