Days of Sparkle & Green

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Although we participate in Christmas with most of the same ideas of giving and trees, and lights, and so on… I don’t LIKE the idea of what Christmas has become or why it came into existence in the first place (as a way to blot out original pagan celebrations, etc.) Christianity has proven itself to be one of the ugliest and violent religions ever to grace this planet, causing more wars and destruction than any single belief system I have ever seen. Oh… just don’t get me started…

Anyway, I still love the experience of the season, so I’ve been thinking of renaming this period of time to something less religious and more about the spirit and happiness of the season, such as DAYS OF SPARKLE & GREEN. I like that idea because it captures the seasonal lights, the refraction of snow, the trees, yet it also implies Giving since Green symbolizes the heart and generosity. Hmmm… What do you think?

So here are our Sparkle & Green decorations to help manifest the season in our home! Despite the continued beatings from an unknown assailant to our silver tree, here it is in between attacks, in all its glory!

We use a silver tree

because we think it’s silly to kill a tree as a way to celebrate life

Looking from LR into DR Looking from DR into LR

First Icicle of the seaon!!

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