Reading time: < 1 minute Today at 7:41pm I will turn 37 years old. It's just so bizarre and exciting getting older. It's like being in a funhouse and you never know what's going to happen next. I know the worst or the best is always possible and I know my choices contribute to which direction my path goes, so LIVING and getting older is like one big game of Tetris to me! Keep my conscious clear, assess the patterns quickly, make my choices without regret, and continue to do so, even if you make some mistakes. It's never too late to clear the space for continual building. Thank you, Soul, for this life. It continues to be a most compelling adventure! Thank you to all of my friends, clients, students, and loved ones. YAY!! What will this year bring!!?? Troy

4 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!”

  1. what a powerful observation. I just turned 29 and feel that the quote of Maya Angelou holds true. “When you know better you do better” That helps me in making the right choices.

  2. Hey Troy, Happy Birthday to you on your 37th trip around the sun. Wishing you profound growth and happiness as you make more trips around that big light.

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