Twin Souls, Twin Peaks, and The Snow!

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And the snow begins… and continues…

Snowbound and some Super Cool Boys in Love!

I LOVE it when it snows! Yes, it is inconvenient and so is a lot of what is natural to our world outside of the concept of “convenient”, but my god, Snow is just beautiful! It is such a unique form of weather! Well, maybe not UNIQUE, but it is about the only form of weather that silently transforms our neighborhoods and holidays into cocoons to remind us of inner things.

Well, at least that’s the way I look at it.

Walking in the freezing cold, the snow, the crunching, blowing, snotting,… was made all the more exciting and warm with Carlos. He actually STAYED THE NIGHT WITH ME as the Blizzard began to hit! YOWZA!

Of course, this stayover was wonderful for two reasons:

Embarrassingly, I have not really SLEPT with and just held a boyfriend or had a boyfriend just jold me in FOREVER! I was scared to death of entering that type of intimacy again. It is amazing how differently you begin to sleep when you sleep alone. I found I flailed more, sprawled more, and slept in my crazy, sporadic way… and yeesh, let’s be frank… I can’t be the only one who just freely farts when alone, can I? So I was terrified I would forget Carlos was with me and just fart-blow him right out of the loft! So the first reason this experience was wonderful was because it went PERFECTLY!! Total comfort, reunion, peaceful sleep, giggling, late chatting, and lots and lots of snuggling (okay, and some makin’ out – YAY!!)

The other reason this was so wonderful was because I am still sick and not quite “available”, if you know what I mean… normally, this pressure would be so uncomfortable to endure. Not with Carlos. I was made to feel healed on levels beyond my current ailments through Carlos’ compassionate acceptance of my body being all busted up, and through Carlos’ genuine expression that he was just happy to be sleeping with me.


Carlos is patiently teaching me to KNIT! WOO HOO! I learned how to crochet long before it became so “in,” but I never learned how to knit. Now that I am learning, I see it is nearly the same concept, but with more tools and techniques. I am so psyched to make some very cool things. Of course, I am looking at making this giant, beautiful poncho for Cyprus, and Carlos just looks at me and reminds me to practice my “casting” and basic “stitches.” I am so idealistic. I have wardrobes all planned out already in my head for several friends! I am going to have EVERYONE in crooked sweaters and cockeyed hats by next Christmas! I swear!

Nick, Cyprus, Carlos, Josh, and I started the Twin Peaks series marathon again! Cyprus and I do this about every two to three years and this time we are doing it on DVD! Wee Hoo! I have had the DVD set for about 5 years, but never watched it. I was so disappointed that the 2nd Season was never released on DVD, so I kept putting it off until they released it. Whatever. They suck. I also had to find the Pilot Episode very quickly because it is NOT included in the DVD set OR in the box set of VHS tapes I bought years ago that contains all episodes. It is absolutely retarded that they never included it. You also have to be very careful while watching the Pilot because you have to stop it in just the right spot for it to blend into the first episode, since the Pilot was released as a “movie” for European fans who would never see the series. David Lynch had to throw together a non-sensical ending just to appease a contractual obligation for the pilot’s release abroad. This was to help ensure the ability to promote the pilot as a Movie, in case the series flopped.

Ahhh, but it was wonderful to see Josie, Shelley, Leo, Bobby, Nadine, Ed, Laura, Madeline, James, Leland, The Log Lady, Audrey,… god, EVERYONE from that series was incredible! I think it is a strange thing to have created a series that actually remains NEW and absolutely intriguing every time you watch it!

David Lynch is a master!


Carlos has a surprise date waiting for me Friday Night! I am UBER-excited and cannot wait to see what he has up his sleeve!


I had a low-key birthday. We are actually celebrating in full Thursday Night with huge gang of about 20 people gathering for cocktails and Hedda Lettuce! It’s a group Aquarian party since there are so many of us we don’t get our own days to celebrate anymore. D’oh!

Cyprus got me a very sweet and thoughtful gift of a lucite picture frame loaded with a card stating that it was a frame for “a picture of you & carlos.” HOW thoughtful was THAT!!?? She got me a very cool button-up shirt from Urban Outfitters, my favorite clothing store EVER (so far), and another picture frame, silver and magnetized. The picture frame theme was because I am recently FINALLY taking time to print all of my photos onto photo paper, and I am so glad to have some frames now!

Carlos got me a CELL PHONE! NOT ONLY DID HE GET ME A CELL PHONE, but he got me the entire plan, too! I mean, he is just paying for ALL OF IT! MONTHLY!! Is that insanely romantic and wonderful OR WHAT!!!??? Not only that, but he actually TOOK THE DAY OFF FROM WORK to come over, surprise me, and spend the bulk of the day with me for my Birthday! I was floored. Completely floored by this act of love, trust, and commitment. Wow.

I swear, Carlos makes me re-believe in the cheesy, romantic concept of Soul Mate. I love him vastly.

I wish on the world a Carlos for everyone!


I had a dream that I was dating a girl who knew I was gay, but she didn’t mind. But then I wanted to date a boy I fell in love with and things got a bit more complicated, especially when I realized I was already dating this other guy, too! Nothing dramatic happened, but there was a lot negotiation.

NOTE: Considering Nick and Cyprus are my Best Friends, and Carlos was surprisingly brought into the intimate circle, it makes sense that I would dream this.

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