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Reading time: < 1 minute I really don't know how it happened or why it turned so cozy so fast, but I stumbled upon some boys from AZ who maintain their own blogs online. I suddenly find I adore each of them and read their posts regularly! I don’t read many other blogs very regularly. The blogs I do read are listed in the menu panel to the RIGHT, under PEOPLES. Potusol, Parley, and From My Lips To Your Ears are all new favorite blogs. I just… LIKE them. Ironically, “from my lips to your ears” is the son of one of a fellow Michael Student here in NYC!

Take some time to check them out. Surely they will win you over…


3 thoughts on “AZ Boyz”

  1. Well don’t you say the nicest things?! It just so happens that the three bloggers you mention in this post are getting together tonight for an evening of DVDs (Strangers With Candy, supplied by Barbra Seville/Richard) and food (supplied by Jeff/Potusol) at Richard’s place. If you were here with us in sunny (but chilly, today) Arizona, you would most certainly be invited along.

  2. Buenos Dias- You’ll note that Parley brought exactly nothing to the party. I provided shelter, dvd’s, and sparkling conversation. Jeff brought along copious amounts of yummy tasty treats. And Parley- he brought along some to go containers for left-over food and wine.

    But seriously folks, it’s nice to E-meet you as well.

    They were discussing your blog (we talk about other things than blogs- I swear) and Jeff and Parley were both freaked out that you knew my mother.

    Enny who- thanks for the nice words.

    See ya.

  3. I guess it’s my turn : )

    mmmmmmm, not sure what I can add to what’s already been said so let’s just leave it at that….

    still in Tucson…

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