Amy Sedaris & the AZ Boyz

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Being influenced by “strangers” nearly 3000 miles away is such a delicious experience.

The AZ Boyz (as I will now refer to Parley, Richard, and Jeff and their Blogs – see THIS ENTRY) are big fans of STRANGERS WITH CANDY. Amy Sedaris plays the main character, Jerri Blank, a 47 year old high school student. It’s frickin’ hilarious! (eeewwww, i just said “frickin'”)

Anyway, I just so happen to stumble across her wonderful work with PETA! I thought I would share what I found.

As you know, I am a major animal rights advocate and activist (I just started “tabling” with Farm Sanctuary in Grand Central and Penn Station recently! YAY! more on that, later), so it is so inspiring to see celebrities use what little or lot of clout they have to help people begin to develop empathy for non-human animals.

It’s inspiring, yet kind of sad because it’s very surreal to me that I live in a world that just doesn’t default to compassion and empathy when it comes to other living Beings.

Go Amy!!!

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AMY’s “Behind-The-Scenes” video of her photo shoot with Peta and Todd Oldham

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Amy’s URINE ad


2 thoughts on “Amy Sedaris & the AZ Boyz”

  1. Amy is the BEST, her brother David is second and Todd Oldham is my friend Amber’s arch-nemesis (I don’t think he knows it but he is). I have these not so secret lists of who I would invite to my ultimate party and they are all on the current list along with a lot of people who are currently (and probably forever) dead. It would be an awesome party, Dusty Springfield would sing (if she wasn’t dead).

    p.s. please don’t think that all I do is sit around making guest lists for imaginary parties, I do much, much more….. : )

  2. I don’t make guest lists for imaginary parties, but I have been known to sit and brainstorm for dream casts for Hollywood versions of old sitcoms (Gilligan’s Island was hours of fun).

    On a separate note, I used to be mildly obsessed with Todd Oldham, and my very first agenda item on my first trip to New York was to visit his then-new shop in SoHo. I also love (but sadly, have only seen once) the episode of “The Nanny” where Todd plays himself.

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