Operation: Catch-Up Distraction Effort

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Well, I thought I would take my mind off of missing Carlos (yeah, right) by posting some pictures that were bumped from being posted earlier because of the fire and other pressing matters.

Ugghh!!! I MISS YOU, CARLOS!!!!
It’s day three and still no word from him…


The actual morning of the fire was the morning after the night of Nick’s little birthday gathering. It was such a pleasant, playful night! I made two delicious vegan cakes! SPECIAL TIP for those vegan fans out there: Duncan Hines is VEGAN!! YAY!! Most of them, at least. Just check the ingredients, but most of their line is Vegan. Just use Egg Replacer, which can be purchased at most health food stores!

Red Velvet & Double Fudge & Nick about to Blow

Chillin’ and Chattin’
Next set of pictures are from our ALL HAIL Aquarii Gathering at East of Eighth for Hedda Lettuce’s show! God, that night was FUN!! Hedda is GODDESS!! This was my first night out since I have been sick, so I was SO ready to enjoy myself. Of course, I was still aching and illin’, but not enough to continue my incapacitation. I think I looked pretty healthy, right? Or just corny.

Cocktails & Corniness
Lystra & Westley

Cyprus, Jeffrey, & Nick
(notice the Origami Flowers that Carlos made for the Aquarian boys!)

Josh & Jeffrey

Cyprus & Nick Jeffrey & Troy

Nick & Vanessa

Carlos was a major focus that night from several of my friends because it was their first night meeting him. Carlos was thoroughly interrogated by them. Consensus? I think everyone loves Carlos WAY more than they even love me! d’OH!!

Sarah & Taren & Fabio

What’s a night out with Taren’s ass being featured

Hedda (as Steve) hangin’ out with us as his sanctuary after the show

Sarah being fingered & Josh waiting his turn

Sarah’s Close Call
(I will just let this one be a memory for those involved)
One of my last night’s out with Carlos was meeting with Don and Linda spontaneously for a gift Cocktail from Don during Happy Hour at Barracuda. Don thought I could use a break after the fire. THANKS, DON! Linda is a co-worker in the antique store Don manages, so it was really nice to meet her. She was super cute and sweet, and an opera singer, to boot!

Linda & Don & Cocktail

3 thoughts on “Operation: Catch-Up Distraction Effort”

  1. East of Eighth! Barracuda! Oh, if your aim is to make me miss New York on this Saturday afternoon, you’re right on target. Wonder if you ever hit up “Hanna’s Lava Lounge” before it closed? Good times… Good times…


  2. man oh man oh man oh man am I bored.

    What better way to enliven the mindnumbing skull crushing tedium of a wednesday afternoon in pension review purgatory than a cursory glance through pictures of my first night in lovely, chilly, chelsea.

    had almost eradicated THAT guy from my memory (indeed, it is I, the sultriest of all sarahs) – glad the picture is as hazy as my recollections, glad I had Tee Total Taren to save me from my baser nature,

    chin up little troy. all is not lost. When I was in cuba and Costa rica, I couldn’t get near internet or phones for weeks. Carlos is a sweetie and you are a honey – all will be well that ends well.

    ARGGGH the dullness of this place is contagious!

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