Baby Girl: 1987 – 2005

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Baby Girl passed away today.

go into the light, little kitty in the sky

She lived a long, long, happy and adventurous life of nearly 18 years. Due to complications of breast cancer, it became necessary for euthanasia today. Allowing common sense and intuition to guide us, we trusted Baby Girl to let us know if it was time for euthanasia or if she would prefer to die on her own. That sounds weird, but some of you will know what I mean.

In the last couple of days her efforts changed from being okay to obvious endurance of pain. We had decided that we would at least wait until she stopped eating, which would be the most practical sign of her being done here. She hadn’t eaten since last Thursday.

Cyprus made the difficult decision today, took the day off, and comforted Baby Girl through her last moments.


A.K.A: Baby Gorilla, Boobie Goog

4 thoughts on “Baby Girl: 1987 – 2005”

  1. I’m so sorry, Audrey (my cat) just turned 17 and I get freaked out at the thought of her not being around anymore. It’s hard dealing with sick pets but they trust us to take care of them and you have to do what’s best for them, not what’s best for you.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Baby Girl crossing the Rainbow Bridge. I am remembering the pain I went thru when I lost my cat Natasha a few years ago- and
    Baby Girl was a carbon copy of her. But
    she enjoyed a long, wonderful life with 2 people ( and many more!) who loved her.
    And I am sure there was a menagerie waiting to greet her on the other side.
    She will be very much missed.

  3. Oh- The Rainbow Bridge. AVOID reading that at all costs.
    Someone sent that to me when my Springer Spaniel, Desmond passed away. I was a usesless, wet, sobbing wreck after I read that.

    My condolences on the loss of your kitty. Our pets are sometimes so close they are like family.

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