Social Club DEBUT

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Well, me and some of the gang made our first appearance at what will come to be called THE SOCIAL CLUB; a monthly gathering of people to a huge loft apartment/studio in DUMBO for the purpose of socializing, sharing talent, entertainment, networking, and general debauchery.

I would have to say this debut fell a bit flat as compared to its purposes and intent, but I had A GREAT TIME!!!! The planned showcases may have fallen flat (poor sound system), but the guests and people with whom I talked were absolutely so much fun!

The highlight of the night was JESSICA WOOD, a local gal who had me laughing so hard I was distracting her from her own show and I think I nearly vomitted into Carlos’ sweater. She was frickin’ HILARIOUS!! I plan to go see her VERY soon!

I was having so much fun because everyone there had something to do with art, entertainment, acting, singing,… something creative. What a high you can get from all of that creative juice flowing in a huge loft… although, Carlos later informed me that there was probably some weed floating in the air, too, but I wouldn’t know… Besides, I have been around people smoking pot before and I truly believe I am not affected (other than by thinking how bad it stinks).

FYI: I have never done drugs. Not because of anything moral or ethical or judgmental… I have just never been interested for some reason. I think it’s because I am already way out there, so to be on drugs would probably just leave me lubed up and stuck in space somewhere! LOL!

Here are some REALLY bad pix from the night… I suck at using my camera!

Van, Nick, & Carlos
Mister Potato Head
his hottie boyfriend, Carlos!

Murmured-Poetry Hypnotist
Cyprus, after hearing the murmured-poetry hypnotist!

Stretch of creative peoples
Temar… later with Andrea and (I think) Dan
Nick’s Shirt

It really sucks that I cannot remember this comedians name because he was FUNNY! He’s the boyfriend/husband? of Jessica!!


Awww… the Morning-After Monkey!! YAY!

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  1. Your New York life looks so fun, I truly believe that you were sent into my life by the New York Convention & Visitors Bureau to make me miss the City and want to move back.

  2. Geez, four posts in one day, I was wrong, you DID explode. I’m glad things are better than two weeks ago. Stay warm and stay happy.

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