The Dance of Friendships

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After the success of Roxanna and I hitting it off, it was only a matter of time before meeting more of Carlos’ family and friends. I almost forgot that I actually met Carlos’ mom and dad shortly after his return home! Wow. What inviting, sweet people!!?? His mother does not speak English, so I was left with only energy and body language to interpret, but she was welcoming to me. His father was very friendly and talkative to me, asking me about my life and my friends and family. It was very refreshing and I have now become inspired to use my Spanish Language course to learn Spanish by year’s end. I would love to be able to have a conversation with his mother! That might be important some day…

Recently I was invited by Carlos to the home of his two friends: Lorenzo and Tina. Roxanna was there and another friend, Debbie. Lorenzo and Tina were an unlikely, yet adorable couple, with Lorenzo being a rather large man and Tina being a rather thin girl. Somehow the match seemed perfect, though! Debbie was a wildcat who has learned to be tame, but I could tell she is a WILDCAT. I can tell I am going to have many stories to tell that may involve her in the future! Roxanna looked particularly beautiful again that night. I don’t know what it is about her, but she exudes this very soft light that makes you feel a appreciation for her history, even if you don’t realize that’s what you are doing,… like there are secrets not even her best friend may know; like you can feel she has overcome something and will never speak a word about it. I don’t know if that is TRUE, but that’s the way I would describe the feeling, that’s all. Not only is she physically beautiful, but I think her enigmatic energy leaves one very intrigued and wanting to know more. She has definite star qualities (she’s an actress)!

One of the things that was so impressive on me was that the host, Lorenzo, was alerted by Carlos that I am Vegan. Normally, people would just maybe toss together some cold vegetables and call it a meal, wishing they were not inconvenienced by some freakish animal rights boy. Well, not Lorenzo! He specifically planned two elaborate entrees; one with dairy and one without, both being Baked Ziti! He planned to make Tofu Riccota and use Soy Mozzarello. In the end, he bought the wrong Mozzarello (organic, instead of Soy, d’oh!) and did not make the Ziti, but instead prepared an altogether different meal that was ziti with brocolli and garlic. He even set up the salad so that any dairy could be added on, but was not already included. I felt very embraced because of these little measures taken to consider me. I NEVER expect that kind of consideration among anyone, let alone strangers, so that was a wonderful experience!

After dinner we retired to the living room for video games! Oh my god, they were FUN!!! We played these hilarious drumming and dancing games that I thought I would be intimidated by, but because of the warm, friendliness of Carlos’ friends, I quickly felt eager to play! I am SO glad I did and now I want to buy all of those games!

Roxanna and Debbie!

The Dance Pads!


The Hottest Cheering Section EVER



Carlos’ perfect dancing again!

The Tina Jive!

The Goober Dance!
Good Lord… Help us all…
Hee hee…

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