In the Wake of Love

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After 18 years, my mother has contacted me. A quick, cold message in email with no mention of love or warmth or hope, but it is contact, nonetheless. I find it strange to have contact with her after all of this amazing inner work I have been doing with Carlos and my friends.

This must be the next/last step to retrieving all of me, healing ancient scars, and embracing a new way of seeing my worth.

Ty (T.J.) my brother (also reunited with me), my mom, my dad, and me (cut in half)
Little Me
Mom & Me
Wish me well…

One thought on “In the Wake of Love”

  1. Ugh, family demons are the worst. I still get all upset when I see certain numbers on the caller ID. Granted I don’t see them often, once or twice a year but it still makes me a wreck. The only thing I can offer as advice is to understand that you can’t go back, only forward. Big help I know….

    On a lighter note, those printed shirts with the nifty little scenes on them were so cool. I always had ocean scenes because they looked great with my O.P. shorts.

    : )

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