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We had hilarious, romping fun at TRAILER PARK the other night. $5 Margaritas that actually have alcohol in them!?? YOWZA! Happy Hour was set up by Cyprus upon Aileen’s suggestion that we all find some time to just chill and hang out for a change. SO on this rare occasion, Cyprus is liquored up and you will see she is actually in a photo! Haven’t seen her in a long time ’round here, huh!

So here are some pix to document our fun!

ENTER at Dusk…

AILEEN & then Aileen, Cyprus, John, and Marvin in the back!

Me & Carlos

Don & Nick

Carlos, Aileen, Cyprus, John, & Marvin in the back!

Is there anything cuter than your boyfriend bathed in red light? I dunno…

Aileen, Cyprus, and John

You know who…


Carlos and I were deliciously assaulted by SHIRA, a bouncy kook we immediately adored! She wanted to help take our photos and eventually admitted she was just a big fan of Carlos and I being a couple! So cute!


Leave near dawn…

NOTICE: Special kudos to those who are wily enough to escape my camera while we are out and about. KERRIN and ROXANNA somehow escaped my lens, but I will get them… ohhhh, I will capture them digitally… another time, another place… buuwahhha hahhhh ha ha! Next time, photos start before I get liquored up!

SPECIAL HELLO’s to PARLEY, ANDREW, and RAY! You know who you are and why I am sayin’ hi…

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