Oh. Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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Although I am certain I have some Irish in me (and I don’t mean it THAT way), I don’t really get the whole Saint Patrick’s Day thing. Isn’t it a celebration of a driving of snakes from Ireland? Didn’t Saint Patrick bring Christianity to Ireland? If so, why celebrate THAT? He sounds ignorant and cruel. I dunno; maybe he didn’t realize he was imposing the most ANTI-spiritual belief system into the masses that would forever reward war, division, oppression, and justification of an assortment of atrocities. And what’s wrong with snakes? They probably didn’t understand the ecosystem back then. Oh wait, he was Christian. He probably didn’t care.

And hey, when are they going to let gay people march in that stupid parade? How idiotic a battle is THAT? What the fuck are they trying to “preserve?” Gay people like to dress stupid, get drunk, and act stupid just as much as any dumbass hetero jock. Uggh…


I get very riled up over the absurdity of religion and the hilarity of some persistent holidays. Like Thanksgiving. I was at FEZ (one of my favorite places) at the last Va Va Voom Room show for 2004 and the dominatrix hostess commented in her German Vaudville accent about how Americans sure know how to P.R. She commented on how we turned a massacre into a reason to celebrate. She continued to comment on how that just would not work in Germany: “Millions of Jews have been slaughtered! LET’S EAT!”

See how absurd it is, now?

Anyway, I take these absurdities like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and St. Patrick’s Day and just make my own holidays from them. I LOVE participating in the fun and the feeling and the tradition, but I just find the origins disturbing and annoying.

So today, I will still raise a cocktail to the cornball who scared away snakes and was a cult pusher.

It’s a jam-packed evening tonight:

Meeting several of the gang in midtown for a quick, Happy Hour cocktail at PIG N WHISTLE (what an ugly name), then off to East Village for some excellent Vegan food at PAN PANGEA, then back to Broadway/Midtown for the bizarre and creepy hit “Shockheaded Peter” featuring the nightmarish Tiger Lillies. The play is a treat from my boyfriend. Awwww… and he is still recovering from a NASTY attack of the Flu! But he is still crawling out of his abode and into the seat next to me…

I love him so…

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