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Last night I had an Astral Reunion with Pluto! For the regular folk, that means I had a dream about him. Considering my line of work, you would think that after Pluto died, I would have “sensed” him, dreamt about him, felt some kind of lingering energy… SOMETHING. But I didn’t. In the years since he died, I have only had two vague dreams. You don’t know how empty and strange it felt for me to truly assume I would still feel connected to him and then he’s just… GONE. For those who don’t know, Pluto died of a bone cancer at only 7 years old. I have still to fully recover from that sudden, terrible loss.

Well, last night I dreamt of him and it was amazing. I dreamed I was taking him outside to walk. I never had to walk Plut on a leash because he and I were so close and bizarrely capable of communicating in small sounds, movements, etc. When I walked with him, my voice was all that was needed to help watch out for him.

As we walked out the doors and into the dusk for our walk, he just took off! He took off and RAN. He just ran really hard and I could hear his nails scraping as he did his U-turn back toward me. Now this is something he DID do when he was alive, but only when I would instigate it. Because he did this of his own volition, I was enticed to see it as so cute, but I was also worried about his safety. I started to intervene, but he was already U-turned and running away again, but this time INTO THE STREET! He was stepping in gutter muds and water and running really far up the street and then back. He was totally out of breath and had that huge “smile” he would always seem to have. At one point, I thought he was hit by a big truck, but he had just run really hard into a giant dumpster on the street (the kind they use for construction jobs around here). He hit it and I winced, but then he was back up, “laughing” and running back toward me.

Finally, as the tension in me welled up, that’s when I actually realized I was DREAMING! In that same moment, I realized I was actually with PLUTO!! I disengaged for a moment and looked around…

That’s when Pluto stopped. Right at my feet. Looking up at me, panting.

At that moment I totally got it that I was in a rare moment with my best non-human animal friend in the entirety of my existence! I kneeled down to hug him and he was so happy. The ground shifted into grass and he nudged me to lie down. As I did, he rolled around, writhing on his back, tongue flapping from his upside-down head. With this sudden awareness that I was dreaming, I couldn’t believe I was was with Pluto again.

I looked up into the air to see if “I” was “seeing” all of this. It was as if the body of me in my dream was looking to see if the “observer” (the body sleeping) was catching all of this. As “I” looked up at “me,” I smiled down at me with Pluto and as I did, I woke myself up,… smiling.


May we meet again…

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