Phlog: St. Patrick’s Day

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[note: phlog = photo log] So here are the pix from Saint Patrick’s Day. I am just getting around to uploading them. I wasn’t even going to do so, because they truly suck ass (I am getting WORSE at taking photos!), but hey, I will want to see these in a year, so what the hell…
Lil ole me on the way from Brooklyn makin’ my big plans for the night. Woo Hoo!
Why does my hair look all slicked in one spot; I know not. I swear, it didn’t look like that all night; maybe it was still messy-wet. Also, for some reason, even though I am almost frickin’ 40 years old, I still cut half of my face off when I shave. I went out that night with a big, healing slash across the front of my lip, which would later freak me out as I realized it could easily seem I had a cold sore… sighhh… BUT IT WASN’T A COLD SORE, people!

PIG n WHISTLE near Times Square.
Pretty Gross; Pretty Fun!

This does not in any way capture the intensity of the crowd inside.

The first of a few Bagpipe players/bands to infiltrate and clog the pub

Deandra and I, somehow appearing deranged and frightening; It almost looks like I am trying to have those black and white hypno-spirals come out of my eyes…
John, the Coach version of me (according to Deandra), except HE IS NOT BALD and he does not have a RUDOLPH Lighted Nose, as my wondrous photography skills somehow made him appear. (inside joke: but it’s NOT a canker!!)

Rachel, Deandra’s Roommate, before she was sensually accosted by an elderly man using lines from a hip-hop rap song to hit on her (something about “i like the clothes that you wear, and the way you comb your hair”)

Ria is a luscious, yet lippy and lovely little gal
(inside joke: bye bye, Pizzle!)


After PIG n WHISTLE, I had time to kill before meeting Carlos and Roxanna for our Play, so I took these photos. Seriously, folks, I LOVE my city! I know Times Square isn’t the most fun place to wander around (because of tourists, not crime, thank you), but I still love every exciting part of New York! Enjoy!


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  1. Love the NYC pics, and love the allegedly-non-cold-sore photo of you at the top! Looks like yet another fun night out on the town… can’t wait to join you!


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