Cancun Carlos

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My boyfriend is again in another country with his best friend, Roxanna, having a great time! This time: Cancun. He was originally supposed to go to Rome, but half of the party cancelled their trip, so Roxanna and Carlos rerouted themselves to Cancun! I just realized it is Spring Break down there, too. I expect I will see one of them featured naked on Boys or Girls Gone Wild… LOL!

I just miss him; that’s all.

Having more time, experience, and love shared between us helps make a wonderful foundation of trust and security, so this trip feels nothing like the last one.

I haven’t written much about this, but Carlos and I have bonded and rebonded over and over again since we started dating. When I say we “bonded and rebonded,” I mean, it’s like… as we experience our relationship, we also discover something new (or old and broken) about ourselves and in the process of helping each other accept some parts and transform other parts in us, we find yet another dimension of intimacy, compassion, and love for each other and for ourselves. Having someone to not only walk with you through your “issues,” but to be on the other side of those issues a better person, himself, well… that’s something I don’t take for granted. It’s rare. I’ve been lucky to find people who do this with me, and it’s one thing to have a friend do this, but quite another to find a boyfriend who is patient and loving enough to explore the ugliest parts of you and STILL find you as attractive and exciting as ever.

AaAAcchhhKKK! I can’t wait to see him again!

ps. Tomorrow is his birthday. Happy he is in lovely Cancun; sad I cannot hug him and thank him in person for being born.

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