Fat Actress: a new favorite!

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Okay, I have to go to bat for support of KIRSTY ALLEY’s new show FAT ACTRESS.

It is one of the most honest, uncomfortable, and hilariously SMART commentaries on ignorance and assumptions I have ever seen on television! I mean, on the surface it may seem just a really bad idea about fat people’s struggles, but it is so NOT that. It enunciates the hypocrisy, double-standards, stereotypes, racism, sexism, fatism, and many other obnoxious limitations we ALL have been exposed to. And to make things even more perfect, the show is just plain ridiculously absurd and stupid enough at times to keep it all mixed up. LOVE it.

Kudos to Kirsty. I don’t even think I was a real fan of hers before this. Now I find her to be one of the most courageous and funny women in television history.

Watch it!

It’s on SHOWTIME and SHOWTIME On Demand.

One thought on “Fat Actress: a new favorite!”

  1. I have to admit, I like this show too. The episode that began with her trying to fit into different pairs of pants while screaming, “Where are my fat pants!” caused me to put down my popcorn with extra butter and laugh really hard. I always like a good abdominal workout.

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