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Some of these reviews took me so long to get turned in that they are actually linked to that ARCHIVES of NewYorkCool, but that’s okay. Now I am back on track and more reviews of film, theater, social events, concerts, performances, etc. will be flooding my blog soon enough! NewYorkCool is really gaining some prestige; being linked to several major artists and publications, landing us about 40,000 hits per month! YAY!

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One thought on “NYCool Reviews”

  1. I love reading your reviews, Troy. You look beneath the surface of whatever you’re viewing or listening to, and you’re very expressive. God, if you DISlike something, will you be as expressive?? I’ve only seen reviews of things you’ve enjoyed.

    I look forward to the day that I have a piece of music or a performance up for your review. I haven’t performed during the time that I’ve known you, but I feel like that time is comin’ round again…


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