Groovy Wizardry n Starlight

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Carlos and I attended a performance called DANCE OFF last night at PS 122 in the East Village. Some of the pieces were just wonderful! Review to come!

After, we popped around the corner to Starlight where the frickin’ adorable local celebrity Soce, The Elemental Wizard (my gay, jewish, white-boy, Harvard-graduate rapper friend) was holding his impromptu gathering for no reason in particular. He’d invited all his peeps to bring an artistic rendering of themselves doing something they enjoyed doing as a child. I failed to do one, but Carlos whipped one up while we ate dinner. He drew a maniacal child chasing rabbits past a tree. LOL! It was so cute! Props to Socè (pronounced so-say) who makes me want to big up myself, yo, and talk all yo and shit, whenever I talk to him.

Even though I look like I am a scolded puppy or a beatnick reject in these pictures, I really kinda like it, so I wanted to post them. They are from last night.

Carlos n Troy

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  1. Carlos’s glasses look kinda like my new ones. FYI (I temporarily considered not posting this, because it sounds as if my only reason for commenting is to make this about ME. Which, I guess, it is.)

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