Troy Radio

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Hey, if any of you would like to enjoy some music, you are welcome to pop over to my work site where I have created a “TrueGroove Lounge.” Requires Windows Media Player and a Broadband connection. There are two playlists: one is entirely Cocteau Twins and the other is a compilation. Both are sets of the type of music I listen to while channeling, writing, sleeping, meditating, etc. Okay, but for the record COCTEAU TWINS are my entire soul in song. There is nothing created by them that does not reflect my inner landscape. So, if you want to see what it feels like to live in my heart, listen to Cocteau Twins’ playlist. If you want to see what it’s like to live in my apartment, listen to the Electro-Ambient-Groove playlist. BOTH are gorgeous, tricklingly delicious, transcendent, and quite groovy! Once you get to the site, leave the window open for your listening pleasure, but just push the play button on whichever player you wish to have take you into a swim of music from between the worlds…

LINK> TrueGroove Lounge

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  1. It is so funny that you should create “Troy Radio” the same week I found old CD’s you made for me. Now I have somewhere to get my fix :-)

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