A Good Week

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This post was on hold for over a week… sigh… I have been SUPER BUSY submerged in codes and colors as I completely rebuild, revamp, and upgrade my site: 7paths.com By the time you read this, it should be accessible, even if still a bit shakey as I continue updating everything.
Okay, so here is the delayed post ((happy now, Parley??:
This week was pretty wonderful. In addition to a general good feeling of accomplishment in my personal endeavors, I was also rewarded with the wonders that NYC offers. I was able to see ANNIE HALL on the big screen, which is a classic Woody Allen film. There is something so heartwarming and nostalgic about all of Woody’s films. It really plays on a part of me that philosophizes about life, death, relationships… it’s like, he can capture the darkest of thoughts about these things and then somehow allow that freedom to be the actual inspiration that gives you the power to either figure things out or to accept them without incident. He’s truly a rare art. I was able to snap a shot of the big screen during the movie, too! Don’t worry; I didn’t use flash!
These classics nights at the theater are hosted by Hedda Lettuce, whom you know graces the pages of my blog quite a bit. When I find someone or something that inspires or makes me laugh, it is held with great respect by me. I am seriously grateful for Hedda, who can be completely trusted to make an entire room laugh till their faces and stomachs hurt.
Carlos, Troy, Taren, Hedda hangin’ out after the show
Now get this… as Carlos and I were eating at Burritoville, he noticed an old film poster on the wall featuring an artistic rendition of the actress Maria Felix. Check out Maria next to Hedda!


Vanessa, Carlos, Cyprus, Nick, and I got to see VENUS HUM, too! That was FANTASTIC!! I loved her (them) before hearing them live, but now a new dimension has been added to my appreciation. Check out my photos of Annette singing her heart out!

CocteauBoy all Venus Hummed UP

Nick, Vanessa, Cyprus, Carlos


Venus Hum sang/performed 3 new songs that were immediate hits with all of us and several of our favorites! I got to speak with her and thank her for her art, spending several minutes with her adorable and friendly husband discussing their hopeful, upcoming return to NYC! YAY!
Good times… Good times…
More current updates will be posted in subsequent posts…

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