The Interview of "Jane Doe" & Tara!

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Okay, we have a couple more brave souls who are ready to be opened like a book…

Let’s peek inside the pages of these two and see what we find. Remember the way this works? I post the interview questions HERE; TARA and “JANE” will then copy the questions to THEIR blog and respond to those questions in their own blogs. If you’d like to be interviewed, just see the rules at the bottom of this post. It’s fun!

i am the other woman


Actually, I am NOT interviewing “Jane.” That’s just the name of her blog. JANE DOE is the anonymous name used to refer to the wife of the husband with which this blogger is apparently having an affair! INTRIGUED??!! Read on…

1. If you could describe yourself through the lyrics or title of a song, what would that be and why?

2. Considering the anonymity of your blog name and profile, do you find this gives you more freedom to be “you?” Explain.

3. Considering the content of your blog (which is riviting, btw), what do you find sacred in an intimate relationship, if anything at all?

4. Is the content of your blog fiction, and if not, do you plan to reveal yourself to the “Jane” to which you write? Do you know her, see her, regularly in your life?

5. The isolation and secrecy of an affair can be as utterly lonely as it is deliciously exciting; however there is ALWAYS an element of unfulfillment. What is the worst and best thing about your being in the position in which you find yourself with this husband?


Tara is a fellow student of life and shares with me in the exciting studies offered from the channeled entity known as “Michael.” I know her through my own work with channeling and writing through my web site and forum. She’s such a delightful, spirited gal! Let’s see what’s inside; shall we?

1. You seem to be a person who is inclined toward the use of divinition tools or other symbolic mediums for navigating life. What is your favorite method and how often do you turn to it for guidance?

2. I know you are a student of “The Michael Teachings.” What is it about the information that makes so much sense to you? How do you find you use it in your life?

3. I think I remember reading that you have an extensive background knowledge of Christianity. How do you find you extract and use the wisdom of Christianity, while also knowing how violent, oppressive, and divisive religion is, in general, but specifically Christianity? What phrase or short description would you use to describe the very basic teachings of Christianity?

4. Describe an experience that might have left you convinced that there is an afterlife, or at least that Consciousness may survive death.

5. In what way do you feel you express yourself the clearest as if from your soul? What medium of expression do you use? Do certain requirements need to be fulfilled before you feel you have that kind of freedom of expression?

If you are interested in being interviewed by me, here are the rules:

1. Leave me a comment saying “interview me.”
2.I will respond by asking you five questions here. They will be different
questions than the ones above.
3. You will update YOUR blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

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