Like Flies

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Wow. Suddenly I am having to pare down my “my peoples” list of links! Several fellow bloggers have dried up their blogs, grew bored with them, abandoned them, been discovered to have been faking them, or were writing for such superficial reasons that they found the payoff was not worth it. My fellow bloggers are dropping like flies!

Life can get very busy, especially here in NYC, but I eventually find the time to write, to keep up with my journal of experiences. Some people have a hard time striking that balance, but I LOVE WRITING. It’s a force within me and it helps me to create and find maps within me, bringing them out into the world, and sometimes, SOMETIMES, someone else finds that map to be similar and we begin to share in the world together. I love that.

In addition to that feeling of exploring and expressing my inner map of reality, I just love the process of expression. I love the challenge of painting my experiences into another person’s mind-canvas with mere words as the brush. And, of course, I love being able to see documentation of my life as I move through it too quickly for my taste. I like having a record of my growth, or lack of it, and to be able to learn from myself.

I had recently asked for feedback as to why a person blogs, or if a blogger censors, and why. Other than news-related, or theme-related blogging, I had always thought personal blogging was just that… personal.

Recently, I have been hit with another big “duh” moment of realization as to why some people blog. As I always read the blogs to which I link, I noticed that several were not being updated, or that they were altered and closed, or that they were gone altogether. In my search to find out if these bloggers were okay, I found that one blogger just isn’t really into it, so his blog is dead; another blogger was outted as having created a completely fake identity and all of his entries and most of his Comments were fabricated; and still another blogger who slammed his blog shut because no one had commented fast enough to feed his reason for blogging in the first place, and still another who believed that to blog meant you were not actually “living” your life.

Reality is such a nuanced and amazing experience! It would never occur to me to fake an identity or blog entry, or to blog only for attention, or to stop writing because of life (I write BECAUSE of life, in my case)!

I’m gonna miss bopping to these other blogs, even though they were built on shaky grounds. I really don’t care the reasons for someone’s blogging. It’s the joy of READING them that makes the difference. I think the idea of a fake blog is a brilliant idea, like a Blaire Witch kinda thing, and so what if someone blogs only for the number of comments, as long as the writing is done well, and if someone feels more pull out the door than can be controlled or managed, then so be it, GO PLAY! Have fun!

So here’s to the wild ones who passed through blogdom and left a skidmark on their way through life! A toast! May you find your more fulfilling means of expression and live it up!

May you find your wings alive in new ways, other places!

5 thoughts on “Like Flies”

  1. The real world, the atoms, molecules and planets that whizz around do not give a shit about you, your problems or your perceived sociological underaccomplishments. These are the objects that govern reality, and none of them could give a shit whether they happen to move in your favour or not. Give up hope, you are a looser!

  2. Thanks, Karen. Your philosophical insights are only matched by the intelligence of your hostility.

    Now, I DO have a question:

    Am I “a looser” as compared to you? Are you just “a LOOSE?”

    Just wondering.

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by!


  3. I blog because it’s a great way to excersize my writing muscle. (No, it wasn’t meant to be lewd). I’ve also met some quality through this avenue.

    To your charming stalker:
    At one point, Troy was loose, but he was NEVER a loser!

  4. Thanks, Craig. LOL!

    I dunno whutz goin’ on, but I sure gots the haters comin’ outta th’ woodwork.



  5. I was thinking: I blog to exercise my writing muscle, too, by the way. Once, I even shot a sentence outta my keyboard.



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