Dream Life: IT’S BAAAAaaack!

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It’s happening again…

Dreamt I was inside one of the “dream lives” again! I haven’t experienced this in about 3 years?

It’s always the same:

I “wake up” in some very familiar house, realizing I shouldn’t be there, but for some reason that “me” also knows I am “from” there. It’s as if my consciousness from my present life inhabits a parallel version of me. I wake up in awe, walking quietly, slowly through the house, looking out the windows, looking in drawers, listening to sounds… I am at once in amazement and totally scared out my mind with disorientation.

I have, I think, 3 other “lives” in which I wake up like that. It’s a very strange experience! I awakened in these seemingly parallel versions of myself, but not like a weird dream or bizarre symbolic exploration… I literally feel, think, see, and KNOW I am in a different version of my body and my life at the time. I swear: I can’t begin to explain how realistic and lucid it is. And the interesting thing is that when I awaken “there,” I am aged proportionally and I am suddenly caught up on several new memories that have happened since my last “visit.”

In several of these episodes when I have awakened “there,” I am in the middle of a public gathering, such as a party or hosting guests! The friends are around me as I nod awake, helping me to my feet, getting me to a seat, as if I had passed out. I am SO disoriented because everyone is recognizable to me, but at the same time I don’t know them and some are comforting me, some are laughing with relief.

Since this is an experience I have had from a very young age, at one point during my last run with these episodes, I tried to vocalize to my friends “there” what was happening. I kept trying to tell them “I” was not “from there” and that I only had a few seconds to talk. Of course, their reactions were always that I was clearly delirious and nervous laughter would be around me as I was comforted.

I learned quickly not to ask questions, but to listen. As long as I didn’t ask any crazy questions, everyone around me would talk like normal and I would hear more details. By listening, I learned that one version of me is a Toy Designer and another version runs a Metaphysical Center of some sort. The one who runs the Metaphysical Center must be the one who does these metaphysical experiments that displace “us” because I know at one point, when I had “awakened there,” someone helping me up said, “It worked! I think it worked!” He then noticed “I” wasn’t “me” and he said, “Oh my god…” just as I slipped back into “my world.”

Okay, so all of that sounds absolutely crazy, but it’s a very real, progressive dream that I have! I don’t treat it as if it is “real,” but I do treat it with great curiosity and find the experience to be beyond fascinating!

I wonder if there are others who have these intensely lucid dreams.

Another interesting thing is that since I was a kid, I have had random moments of passing out for no discernable reason. They almost always parallel these dreams!

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  1. How utterly cool! Ashley (my partner) dreams vividly and often experiences that sense of being in a different-but-mine place. We’ve always assumed they were past life memories, but the idea that they could be brief experiences in a parallel self is really fascinating. Food for thought…

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