Late Night Bedroom Cinema

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Waiting for services in our new apartment is taking FOR EV ER. Because our warehouse is not residentially-zoned, it is very hard to get residential services. This means that while our neighbhorhood fights for zoning rights, services such as Cable are just out of reach, unless we want to purchase Commercial Accounts, which are ridiculously exhorbitant.

We are awaiting our DirectTV Satellite services for our broadband and tv. I can’t believe I will be using a satellite service! How decadant!

Anyway, until we are back on schedule with our Tivo’d shows, I have been rummaging through my collectible dvds that I have never watched. There are few things as cozy as watching a B Movie alone in your bed. Well, it would have been way better with Carlos, but still, it was fun.

If you have never watched an old Andy Warhol/Paul Morrissey movie, you have truly missed out on some classic tongue-in-cheek brilliance. The unsuspecting may think the dialogue and effects are silly, but upon educated and closer inspection, there is a genius behind all of that. I was as chilled as I was laughing my ass off at these characters and plots. Udo Kier was SO adorable in these movies! But my favorite is OTTO, played by Arno Juerging. More hilarious a side-kick than even Marty Feldman’s Igor in Young Frankenstein, alongside Gene Wilder.

Worth checking out!

And my god, Joe Dallesandro,… please… total dumb-hotness before it was cool to be so hot, dumb, and bisexual.
Some may even recognize Joe from this famous album cover…

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  1. Just now read your comments on my blog. Sorry about what happened to your friend – that’s horrible!! How long ago was that??

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