Today is Another Day

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One foot in front of the other… Breathe…

I’m doing alright around here, getting my new site ready for launching, catching up on private sessions, and making plans for our decorating (finally!), preparing for Johnny’s arrival with his dog, LuLu, and helping LITTLE adjust and settle after being rescued from the streets.

All the while, wondering how the boy I so loved could have so easily deleted me from his life. That’s the hardest part. Knowing that I have been rendered absolutely meaningless and GONE from his life!

I think it is one thing to grieve a separation and make efforts to heal it, but it is a whole new level to have realized you were murdered from someone’s life. Go back and read all of my posts about Carlos and how amazing his love was for me; how new it was for me to experience that, and how much effort I made to rest into that,… I really believed him.

Now it’s all just a cruel joke on me. Hardy har…

Whatever,… bear with me. It’s just a fucking shitty week, okay.

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